Fuji Jpegs versus Kodak Gold 25 years on.


25 years ago on Sanibel Island, Florida I took some fashion images. A few days ago I caught up with the lovely model, Barley, and sugested we re-create one of the shots.  So here is is on a dull day with our U.K. yellow sand, shot with Fuji X Pro 1 and XF35 1.4 lens.  Well, I did my best but Kodak Gold sure has a great look ..



2 thoughts on “Fuji Jpegs versus Kodak Gold 25 years on.

  1. I think the UK light was against you here!

    In a random and completely (but not entirely) unrelated note…

    My brother recently had a 20yr Uni reunion and they got the idea to recreate some snaps from nights out they’d had at back in the day from the photos that they brought with them in the same bars, complete strangers got involved and were happy to pose and recreate the scenes!


    • Ah great idea to re-create but not so good for lines and wrinkles. Yep, I only posted for fun.. different focal length lens, blue sky and white sand makes a huge difference.. nevertheless, I mainly get much better pics. than that with the Fujis.haha Cheers Drew


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