Editing Fuji .jpg files in Lightroom 6

Here is a brief post describing some ideas for editing Fuji files in Lightroom. I have included Nik pack plugins too. Sometimes a little colour works well for street photography as demonstrated by this lovely lady.  Here she was decked out in matching red sandals and spotty bag, pulling along  her little dog while pushing a giant pram. Shot with Fuji X100 with the brilliant 23mm lens, stopped down.

So first we have the out of camera Jpg file imported into Lightroom with no adjustments. Looks fine to me but lacks a little impact and contrast which reflects the gloomy light in which it was taken.




Next I opened Analogue Effects pro plugin,  adjusted detail, contrast and saturation sliders in camera 3, included a little grain, turned off scratches etc then added a little spot adjustment in her face area.  The resulting image was saved back into Lightroom. For me this image seems to be a reasonable representation of a 1970’s Kodak analogue snap.




Despite my belief that colour works best for this image, in the interests of black and white fanatics I next edited the original jpg file in Silver Effects Pro.  I used high contrast smooth camera setting, added detail and a little brightness  using sliders, increased white and improved tonality using curves.  Then again I used the spot adjustment to add detail to her face and scarf.  The vignette was already quite sufficient in this setting.



Nevertheless being a Lightroom aficionado I usually prefer to edit my own images rather than relying on others interpretation of the scene I shot. So my normal workflow is to reduce exposure slightly, add a little contrast and adjust white and black sliders, then highlights and shadows. For this image I decreased clarity, added a touch  vibrance and a little saturation. Then added two gradient layers in top left and right adding some exposure and a tad saturation.  Next I used the adjustment brush to add some exposure to her face, some clarity and improved skin tone a little. Finally I added some grain and a little vignette. The final image looks pretty strong and I like how the red tones in her bag attract attention.  Comments welcome!



4 thoughts on “Editing Fuji .jpg files in Lightroom 6

  1. for me it’s this one in BW. nothing grab my attention – not a “matching red sandals” and not a “spotty bag”
    the colors of both have such little impact of what id going around and absolutely not on her expression. so, second image is looks much more interesting but only because of nostalgic look. with BW i lost the intervention of the colors to the scene and can concentrate on her and her doggy.
    the last one HDR style image was edited too inaccurate or maybe this dark line going with a diagonal is was in your plans. hope this can help


    • Hi Victor, many thanks for the comments, much appreciated. What I am demonstrating is that a soft, low key photo can be developed into a much more interesting dynamic image with a little post processing. I agree the gradient shadow is horrible. Interestingly, this did not show at all in full screen develop mode but only appeared on export. Regards Drew

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