first fuji X100 image

Checking through my archives I stumbled across this image taken on London South Bank. It was one of the first shots I took on my then, new Fuji X100.  I still think the fabulous 23mm focal length of the X100 series is a hard one to beat for street photography.  For fun I ran this image through ‘image tricks lite’ from BeLight software which makes a change from Adobe.



When the mood is right, take the shot

On a recent trip to Avignon, my lovely French friends sneaked into the courtyard one evening,  to snatch a forbidden smoke. There was barely any light, just the glow from a few lanterns. Their smoke drifted lazily upward as they chatted.  I had no camera with me at the time but my friend Mark was busy with his Fuji X100T recording events inside. I asked him for a loan, two shots I said, that’s all I promise. I posed them as best I could,  asked them to stay as still as possible and fired away, hand held, one tenth of a second at f2.0.  Sometimes you have to capture the moment. Here are the two shots.